Thursday, May 25, 2006

From Dick Carr '66

Received Mon 08/12/2002:
What a great page [ Camp Herrick Boy Scout Camp]!! There are a lot of people, including the current members of Troop 2, who will love to visit this site. I am the second son of "Hank" Carr, Scoutmaster from the 50's through the 60's (16 years in all) before moving on to positions in the district and council. He loved scouting, and lived to see his grandson (my son) obtain the Eagle award. Dad passed away a couple of years ago, but his spirit lives on through the North Shore District's annual "Hank" Carr Outstanding Scoutmaster Award. I am still involved with the troop as an assistant scoutmaster and the Unit Commisioner.

Bill, the current boys in the troop look at Camp Herrick as a mystical place, birth place of the Wassi, which is still held in high regard. Only those boys who have been tapped out into the Order of the Arrow (national camping society and essentially outstanding camping award of old) are allowed to handle her (somehow the sex changed during the years from a "he" to a "her"). As recently as a year ago, I have looked in at the former camp. Some of the cabins remain but are only hanging on by nails. The cook shack burned many years ago, as well as the mess hall. The council fire ring and the chaple are still recognizable.

The troop has some old pictures as well as film of years at Herrick and Dad also had a vast collection of slides. It sounds like we should be getting togeather to share pictures, comments, etc (do you remember Joe Dow's Brig?, the Sophie C, hiking to Belknap Rec Area and riding the single chair, etc)

My younger brother Tom, who was also a scoutmaster of the Troop, was home for awhile and last weekend we were remembering alot about the camp as his place is in Wolfeboro, N.H. So keep up the good work and let me be a resource of info for you.


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